Hanford Site

The THOR® Process is capable of treating the following waste streams from the Hanford site.

Hanford Streams

Several demonstrations for trateing LAW supernate have been performed. These include:

  • Bench-scale LAW stream surrogate
    • Env A (2002)
    • Env C (2004)
    • Monolith (2005)

Results from these demonstrations have shown that the THOR® process has a high potential for being a viable treatment process for the LAW stream.

In September 2007, TTT was awarded by DOE the Advanced Remediation Technologies (ARTS) Phase II Project. Through this project TTT will demonstrate and complete qualification of the THOR® Process to treat Handford Low Activity Waste (LAW) stream and vitrification recycle streams.

Phase I of ART identified key areas where additional data is required for the THOR® waste form qualification and facility permitting. Phase II of ART will develop this data and re-verify existing data. This will be done in two steps.

  • Step 1: Bench-Top Stream reforming Demonstration using liter size quantities of actual LAW where the partitioning and retention of Tc and I will be verified.
  • Step 2: Engineering Scale Technology Demonstration using the Hazen Pilot plant where monolithic mineral products will be evaluated against the Hanford waste acceptance criteria, emissions data will be taken for permitting, and the mass balance for radioactive surrogates will be closed.

In 2008, TTT performed the Engineering Scale Technology Demonstrations. Two waste streams were processed, the Hanford LAW Stream and the WTP Offgass Recycle Stream, each producing a compliant mineral waste form. This mineral waste form underwent monolithing testing to select the most adequate binder that will allow compliant disposal of the waste. Click here for final report.

TTT is currently in the planning and preparation phase of the Bench Scale Radioactive Demonstration which will be carried out at the Savannah River National Laboratory later in 2009.

ARTs Project Datasheet

ARTs Fluidized Bed Stream Reforming

Treated Hanford LAW

Handford Mineral Product