Savannah River Site (SRS)

The THOR® Process is capable of treating the following waste streams from SRS.

SRS Streams

The THOR® Process has been demonstrated, via pilot plant runs at the Hazen facility, to be the most viable treatment technology for the SRS Tank 48H Waste. CD-1 for the treatment of Tank 48H waste selected the fluidized bed steam reformer as the technology of choice.

In 2008, TTT performed engineering scale demonstration to obtain and verify final design parameters. Results from this demonstration successfully provided the necessary design data and resolved open issues from previous testing. TTT is in the process of doing a final engineering-scale demonstration with a fully integrated system.

Tank 48H FBSR Model View 1 Tank 48H FBSR Model View 2 Tank 48H FBSR Model View 3 Tank 48H FBSR Model View 4

Tank 48H FBSR Model

SRS Tank 48H Process Flow Diagram

SRS Tank 48H Project Datasheet