Today, the DOE is working hard to find innovative solutions for accelerating its environmental cleanup mission.  Among the challenges it faces are certain especially problematic waste streams that either don't meet the waste acceptance criteria of disposal facilities or require very time-consuming and costly waste characterization procedures. 

THOR Treatment Technologies offers a solution for many of the most complex waste problems.

  • Treat liquids, sludges, solids, and gases
  • Treat high water, organic, and sulfur feeds
  • Treat high or low pH feed without neutralization
  • Destroy RCRA and TSCA organics
  • Immobilize radionuclides
  • Create a product that meets LDR UTS
  • Reduce burial volume

THOR Treatment Technologies has developed specific strategies for thermally treating two broad categories of waste.  Follow the links below for a brief description and conceptual diagram of the THOR® process.

  • FBSR - Fluidized Bed Stream Reformer Tank Waste Treatment
  • Autoclave - Drummed Waste

THOR Treatment Technologies utilizes the patented THOR® process developed by Studsvik, Inc.

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