Our mission is to offer an innovative non-incineration, thermal treatment technology to customers facing the challenge of determining the best and most cost-effective disposal path for their radioactive and hazardous content waste streams.


THOR Treatment Technologies LLC, was established in June 2002 and is a joint venture between Studsvik, Inc. and AECOM.

The THOR process is a mature technology that has been in commercial nuclear operation since 1999, providing the foundation for its deployment in the US Department of Energy Complex. Testing of DOE waste began in 2000 at bench-scale with the Idaho sodium bearing waste (SBW). Its success triggered the initiation and continuation of demonstration tests with other DOE waste streams. Success of these demonstrations has resulted in the award for the treatment of SBW with the THOR process and the award of the Advanced Remediation Technologies (ARTS) Project work that demonstrated the successful treatment of the Hanford Low-Activity Waste (LAW) streams.

Board of Directors

  • Howard Stevens - Studsvik, Inc.
  • Stefan Berbner - Studsvik, Inc.
  • Jimmy Angelos - AECOM
  • Laurie Hollick - AECOM